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I believe all gardeners know this guy.  P Allen Smith.  This photo is from HGTV

An article on gardening resolutions of well known gardeners.  Short article but an interesting read.

It did get me to thinking about New Year resolutions and if I have any and if I have any for the gardens at The Garden Junkie.   Hmmm????
Don't think I have any resolutions BUT I do have some great new things happening this coming 

1.   New garden areas
2.   Expanded veggie gardens w/ more on companion planting and organic growing methods
3.   Longer "open" season
4.   Garden Junkie grown organic TEA
5.   Picnic  Breakfasts & Lunches at the farm
6.   More bedding plants than ever
7.   Fun how-to classes for beginners and advanced artists
8.   Butterfly watch
9.   Garden photo contest with great prizes
10. A Summer-Salad Social
11. New Web Site  ( with this blog attached to it)

It's going to be a GREAT gardening season at the farm.  I'm looking forward to sharing it with YOU.  402-440-6284

More info to come……..   DRINK TEA & GARDEN ON….

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