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A little Holiday RANT .  I do believe in the commercializm of the Holidays.  I hear "you should give that $$ to the poor??? What money? The money spent on Christmas lights?  Christmas lights provide hundreds (if not thousands of jobs) jobs that pay wages, which are taxed, which is used to fund our nations social programs to help in many many areas.  The jobs provided for fuses, wiring, bulbs, electricity, plastic, extension cords, etc. etc. etc.  PLUS, what about the JOY.  Joy of the holidays.
Christmas lights make me, and many others, happy.  They light up the dark days of December and
sometimes into January.  They bring families together for viewing and laughing.  Isn't that part of the
"reason" for the season.  Plus tradition.............
How about the money spent on TOYS, CANDY, COOKIES, MITTENS,  on and on.  How about
Christmas Cards? I tunes? JUNK?  the jobs, the taxes etc.  

Christmas provides for more than just those waiting for the Salvation Army.
Yes, it's about shopping, cooking, traveling, gifting and giving.  I'm so glad we are a nation of
spending at Christmas time.  I've been very grateful for a job that paid my bills all year long because it depended on holiday spending .

So, the next time someone says Christmas is "too commercial",  remember you are truly in the "spirit of the holidays" when you are deciding to add more lights to the trim of your house and smile because helping people is what its all about.

Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year.

photo: pintrest

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