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I've been working on mosaic sculptures for the gardens.
This Bird is bigger than she looks.  She's about 3 1/2 feet long and about 3 feet tall. 
She's hollow, so I'm hoping (next spring) a nesting pair of birds will find it and raise a family.

This Bird is not hollow but does stand guard over the birdhouse. 
I made the birdhouse and bird out of concrete then did the mosaic.
Altogether, this piece is about three feet tall.

The Birdhouse cement sculpture will be an upcoming class, next summer, (2014)
out here at The Garden Junkie.  
Watch for the dates here on the blog and on The Garden Junkies Facebook page. 

Creating the concrete sculpture birdhouse is  offered in two separate parts. 

The Armature Sculpture Class will be a hands-on project creating the armature of a large birdhouse with a demonstration of concrete application.  

A separate Concrete Class will be offered shortly after the armature class.  In this  hands-on class 
concrete types, mixing, application and finishing will be covered.  Prerequisite: armature sculpture class. 

Mosaic is not covered in these classes. 

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