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Day three. 

The pump in the well went out.  Out to where I'm not sure, but it did stop working.
So, it has to be replaced.  So here's a couple of photos of  what has gone on, so far. 
I'm not a well nor a pump person, but I guess I'd try to invent a pump that is up on top of the big pile of dirt, rather than 6 feet down in a hole.  That way, when a pump wants to go out (say for pizza or something), it would be easy to fix or replace. I mean we've gone to the planet Mars with a remote robot-rover and stuff, which can stand extreme conditions.  So, how about an above ground well pump??  I'm guessing there'd be a big demand.  

So, I stopped watching the well-repair-men, and took a stroll around the gardens.

Not a great photo, but at least these yellow sulfur butterflies were having fun .  

Plant is Walkers-Low Cat-mint.  A huge attractor for all kinds of butterflies and bees. 
Also, a beauty for any garden.

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