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A stand of Roman Chamomile next to my ever-watchful "hose-guard" dog.

  Roman Chamomile :  Same chamomile used in teas, cosmetics, hair "stuff".
There's also a cultivar called German Chamomile, not the kind for tea etc.  So, be sure you get the right kind .

Roman Chamomile is an annual which doesn't take to transplanting, so, direct sow the seeds. It will self seed but not invasive.  I usually let it grow wherever it wants to.
It only likes cool weather and will die back in the hot months but makes a return visit in the fall when temps start to cool down.  Few pests, if any.

Makes great tea, use blooms, greens and stems - do not use the roots.  Can use fresh or dried.  Harvest all the chamomile before hot weather sets in.

Also makes great soil.  Is "known" as the dirt doctor and helps clean up fungus, viruses and blight without resorting to poisons/chemicals in your gardens.  Let the chamomile grow, die back and decompose right on the effected soils.  Plus it smells great.


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