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Went to the Munroe-Meyer Fund Raiser Garden Walk today, in Omaha.
A well attended fund raiser for Univ of NE Med Center.
6 gardens total from West Omaha to Central Omaha.
(Click on any photo to enlarge)

 All these pictures are of one garden (will show other gardens later), my favorite, by far.

A private garden in the heart of Omaha, houses all around, yet these gardeners managed to make this yard a private place.  You were unaware of the neighbors and city.

Every plant was perfectly placed,

and beautiful.

It did help that this yard had large trees.

Great walk ways, carefully placed to move the visitor around and not take notice of the next door houses and street.  Plus, they even managed to have open spaces with turf.   Yes, this is all the same yard. I wanted to take more pictures, but there were so many people. 

This is the front entrance to the house.  Great plantings.

When you walk to the front door, from the driveway,(which is on the left)  it was like you were on an acreage, without anyone right next door.

As you can tell, I was very impressed.  Also, these gardeners were well prepared for visitors.  I walked around the gardens a couple of times and saw something new each time and never saw so much as a weed. 

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