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Vinegar Making....  photo is raspberry vinegar, french tarragon and black berry.

Vinegar making class will be a "hands-on" you will take home your own jar of herbal vinegar.
It's a fun class that I am sure you will enjoy and once you try the recipes you will make many varieties of vinegars to have on hand for salads, meats and desserts.

Yes, desserts.  I was watching the PBS show Victory Garden and followed chef Michele's recipe for
pickled peaches.  (he also showed one for pickled cherries)  He used the pickled peaches on ice cream and on grilled pork.

Now, in the June  16th. Vinegar class, we won't be making pickled anything, but I will have some Free
recipes for refrigerator pickled zucchini and other veggies that you can make from you own home
made vinegar.

Yummy !

June 16th  - 10am  (class lasts about an hour)
                    $10.00 per person
Call 402-440-6284 or e mail
        for reservation and supply list.

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