The Garden Junkie

The Garden Junkie

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These mosaic paver stepping stones are some examples of what will be done in the mosaic classes.
Friday June 1st or Saturday the 2nd for the cutting of the pottery and attaching to the paver.
You can choose to register either day for your class.   $39 for the first paver, $20 for the second, if you would like to do two.  

The 8th or 9th (you choose which day to register)  will be the grouting class and finishing instructions.

The mastic, pottery, tiles and grout are all included.  If you have broken pottery, dishes, marbles you would like to use, bring it to the class.  A personal equipment supply list will be sent, via email, after you are paid and registered for the class.  E MAIL for registration.

Our little booth at the Spring Fling.  Me and our "due-any-day" Summer.
We sold the "happy-sun" garden stake but have a few more at The Garden Junkie in Murdock. 
The garden stakes aren't made in China, but by a gal right out here in the Murdock area.

The Spring Fling was great.  We met many wonderful gardeners and sold plants, birdhouses, succulents and some old windows.   Now, I've got to get out to the farm and get the trailer unloaded and get ready for TUESDAYS season OPENING.

Looking forward to seeing all of you. 

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