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A sign posted to me on Pinterest from Nancy Wallace of the famed Wallace Gardens.
Go to Nancy's blog for a good gardening photos and interest.

I am painting this sign for the farm gardens.   I guess because this is "out-in-the-country" people think they can bring their dogs.  IT ISN'T THE DOGS that are the problem, it's their owners !  Letting
their dogs pee on the plants and shrubs.  One guy let his dog pee ( I guess marking ) on a half
dozen plants and really had no plans to stop further urinations when I told him (nicely) he would
have to put his dog in his car.  The man actually got "put-out" with me and said he wouldn't
ever come back to "this place".   I wonder if Earl May Nurseries would have put up with him and
his dog.    This guy wasn't the only poor dog owner, others have been as bad.

Even my pets aren't allowed to go on the gardens.

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