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The great experiment:  I saw this idea on pintrest.   Add a super absorbent baby diaper to a hanging basket to retain moisture.   Well, if nothing else it will prevent all the water from running right through.
I am thinking that the diaper will wick away the moisture from the roots ...  we will see.  I'm only
planting one hanging basket this way as a test.

I am planting the basket with petunias.  Ai ! look at these seeds.  Why are petunia seeds so expensive?
Is it really difficult to harvest the seeds?  Maybe they could save some $$ if they didn't put the seeds
in this little plastic container with a flip top.

This is what the basket/pot looks like day one.  Petunias and lobelia ..

Would love a comment from any one who has tried the diaper in the basket.

If I start my own hanging basket/pot .  I usually seed right into the basket, rather than add transplants.
(that is, if I start early enough).  This photo from summer 2011.

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