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For some reason (unknown to me) I can't download the latest pictures that I took last Saturday at The Garden Junkies Second Saturday event.   

I even was at my Apple computer class today and asked about my difficulty.  Of course the very bright young man told me a number of ways to probably solve my problem.  I immediately went home and attempted to remember all the things he said in addition to all the things he taught me about i photo and my i pad ........... too much info, I only remembered some of the above.  So, I called the Apple store and asked for help.  

I love the Apple Store and all the people that work there.  Apple is the best for a lot of reasons, but customer service is right up there with why they're the best.  If other places trained their service people like the Apple Company trains their people the world would be a better place. just sayin.

Anyway, I still can't get my photos to show up on my computer, at least in a place that I can access to this blog.  I guess I didn't explain my problem well enough for the Apple guy to give me a solution. 
So, no Vinegar pictures .  Too bad too,  as  Second Saturdays Vinegar Making was great. 

Hope to see you next SECOND SATURDAY - August 13th.  
10 am - Salad Dressings & salads

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