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The Garden Junkie

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Last September, 2013.  When the  well pump had to be replaced.   
The dirt removal and all the equipment really tore up the 
yard and gardens.  Also, damaged a 60' tall cottonwood, that no one seems to know how old it is. But everyone remembers the cottonwood always being here.  

This April, 2014. After replacing all the dirt, grading and reseeding the grass.  

I didn't know if it'd get back to looking good by The Gardens Junkies  season  opening day of April 26th.  And, of course it was still pretty sparse but improving. 

This is an August photo, 2014.  After an entire summer of growing.  NO chemicals of any kind on the grass, just amended soil of compost from 2013.   No weeds in the turf  .  Yes it can be done with little effort.  Seeding  the correct kind of grass seed for the area is really important and consistent watering until the grass is well established.  That is really all it takes.  
The flowers are annuals to give the garden some "body" until the perennials can get established.  
Then some fillers in pots to add interest until the garden is in full glory again next season.  . 

The Garden Junkies 2014 Open Season is now over.  So many "gardeners" came to the Farm and we enjoyed meeting everyone.  
  We hope you make plans to come for a visit 
in the next 2015 Season.  

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