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The Birds and the Bees at The Garden Junkie today.

These two are very interesting to watch.

No matter what, they are always together.  I'm assuming they're a dating couple.
They love the black sunflower seeds.  I'm not sure what kind of birds they are.
I thought a sparrow that I haven't seen before but they are so much larger than the sparrows around here
The closest I could find on the web is Brown-capped Rosey Finch.  But they seem large for a finch too.
If any one knows for sure, drop me a line.  

 Then there is this guy.  Only one.  Arrives every early evening around 7pm and lands on the electric line.  Which seems awkward for his "water-bird" type legs. Plus, it's a big bird to be perched on a line.   And he (or she) "caws" for about a half-hour before giving up and flying off.  There isn't any bodies of water around the farm or this area.  So, I don't know that it's a water bird .  I like to know the birds in my area, so if anyone knows, let me know.

The flowers are coming into full bloom time.

Thanks for visiting. 

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