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 Just this last week the butterflies have been showing up....  I've been waiting and waiting.
The occasional Buckeye and ONE  lonely Monarch, but that's been all until this week.
The Gardens seem wildly alive with all the fluttering going on.

The above photo is of a Fritillariy.  I couldn't seem to get a photo of it with it's wings open, so I don't know the type of Fritillary.

This is a Silver Spotted Skipper.  There are many types of Skippers and many are native to this part of Nebraska.  

 This Butterfly is a Fritillary too.  I believe it's a Cresentspot .  This one is on the side of our barn, I just couldn't get one to sit still, on a flower, long enough to get a photo.

 There are lots of this Eastern Black Swallowtail.

 One of the many Blues.

Tiger Swallowtail.

The most difficult of all to photograph because they never stay still.  The little Hairstreak.
I think this is one of the Grey Hairstreaks.

If you want to visit the butterflies, give The Garden Junkie a call .  402-440-6284 for an appointment.

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