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A couple helpful hints for easy gardening.   
When mulching, put down cardboard or paper grocery sacks first - then the mulch.
It keeps the moisture in - the weeds out - AND recycling.  (just tell the grocery sacker paper not plastic)
Win - Win.  
Plus, worms just love cardboard and paper - and no herbicide poisons necessary.

When starting off a large pot put a few plastic jugs in before the dirt.
Keep the lids on - so the moisture goes to the roots of the plants not inside the jug.
Not only are the jugs light weight but they don't conduct heat, cooking the roots of the plants.
The pots take less dirt and keep the soil from compacting, letting the roots of the plants get plenty of circulation. 
Also, recycling.

Before adding the dirt to the pot - slide the edge of cardboard just under the bottom edge of the pot all the way around then mulch.  No weed eating around the pot and no herbicide poisoning to keep the grasses and weeds away. 

Happy Gardening. 

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