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Just got home from visiting the "West"
Grand Teton National Park -  What a great place.  I can see why so many artists paint pictures of this place.  I took lots of photos, this is but one.  Maybe I'll try a painting.

Got to see Moose.  None of my photos show-off the Male and female as both
stayed in the thicket and grazing with heads down.  I had been photographing mountains and had a wide-angle lens .... the telephoto lens (which I needed for this shot) was in the car about 200 yds. away. 

The iconic shot in Yellowstone National Park.  The lower falls of the grand-canyon of Yellowstone.
Everyone takes this photo because it truly is breathtaking. 

And I couldn't help but take a photo of two people plen-aire painting along one of the rivers.  

We had so-much-to-see that I didn't take the time to slow-down and do any sketching, just photographing.  

It's good to be back home.