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Last class of the year.  Two part class for a garden paver.  Choose either Friday, August 31st or Saturday, September 1st for the pottery/glass and mastic.  

Then choose either Friday, September 7th or Saturday, September 8th for the grouting.  

The class starts at 10am.  Arrive about 9:45 for set up and "settle-in".  

The class is $39.00, which includes all materials.  You will need to bring your personal items.
A complete list is available by e-mail upon registration.  

E-mail for registration.  

This is a fun class,  the mastic portion and the mosaic design takes a little longer than the grouting portion, so allow for time in the first part of the class.
It's a two part class because the mastic needs to set and dry before moving on to grouting. 

Looking forward to seeing you.