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Early this morning I went to Lincoln to visit the Sunken Gardens.
Lincoln is only 27 miles from Murdock; Omaha 22.  Murdock is conveniently located between the two, right off of I-80.

Anyway, I was at the gardens at 8am so as to beat the heat.  AND I was not disappointed.  The gardens are in full bloom and loving the heat.  

I was so impressed.  I admit I don't know much about the gardens, other than it's a Park of the City of Lincoln and that a lot of volunteers (who love the garden) help take care of it.

Not a plant seemed wilted, which is saying a lot since Nebraska has been caught up in a drought  filled heat wave of high 90's and 100 degrees for the past few weeks.

I didn't notice one weed.  

I did see one worker with a small bucket of a couple of weeds she had pulled 

I took 86 photos, while in the gardens.  
As you can see, there are cars around the outside edge of the gardens but while strolling around I didn't even notice the cars nor the noise. 

Across the street is the Lincoln Zoo.  I didn't go to the Zoo, but I did stroll the Rose Gardens.
I'll post some photos of those beautiful gardens later.

Both, the Sunken Gardens and the Rose Gardens are FREE and well worth the time.