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It may be too hot for humans, but the bloomers love the heat.

Believe it.  These little pansies are currently blooming like crazy.  I just took this pic. yesterday.
The pot is in shade 60% of the day, so that must be helping.    I love pansies, their little faces are so cheerful.

Of course, Petunias are always happy happy with the heat.  Although,  the pots haven't gotten as full this year as last year.  There's still time.  

Pot-Lady greets all The Garden Junkie's Guests.    

Something new for me this year, a bottle tree.  I put it in the butterfly garden.  
Although, I have not had very many butterflies so far this year.  ??  Last year the 
liatris was covered with butterflies.  Mine bloomed early and is now spent. So?? I have lots of other great foods for them.    I have a few hairstreaks and some black swallowtails and some silverwing skippers.   

I filled the bottle tree branches with wine bottles.  Mostly blue.  I thought it looked a little "ho-hum" so I painted a few of the bottles to add a little interest .   I used out-door house paint thinking that the paint will hold-up better in the weather.