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When you have a huge metal barn in the middle of your property?  What do you do?
No, I didn't have any say in the placement of our barn.  It was there long before I started gardening, out here, and I've been working around it.  

Whatever I plant or place just seems to get lost up against such a large building.  
I'm thinking of attaching chickenwire (somehow) to go up to the roof and then
planting an aggressive vine.  

These next two photos I took while hiking in Schram State Park.

Virginia Creeper vine?  agressive, but can become a nuisance. (butterfly is a grey comma)

Agressive vine, poison ivy.  There is a lot of poison ivy in Nebraska - fortunately not in my gardens.
Somehow my whole area has not been invaded.  

A busy week, here at The Garden Junkie, with groups coming everyday to tour the gardens and
enjoy the out of doors.  

Saturday, June the 16th Vinegar Making Class @ 10am.

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