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Singing the praises of RADISHES.  

First off, they're yummy.  I think I'd rather have a radish than a cucumber, and I love cucumbers.

BUT, more importantly the radish is a very beneficial plant in the garden.  The root releases a secretion that inhibits growth of many weeds.  AND the little radish is a huge deterrent to the cucumber beetle. Some say it repels squash beetle, but I tried that interplanting and the squash beetle won.   

The radishes pictured above are self sown (from last year)  I let a certain amount of the radishes bolt.  It's a sweet light pink bloom that looks good in the veggie garden and the bloom attracts bees.     Every spring all the radishes start poking their leaves up all over the garden bed.  I let most of them grow until a large 
root forms.  I pick some to eat and leave some to seed.  It's a easy win win for gardening.  As you can probably tell, not everything has to be in a row in my garden.  It's actually better for the plants if they're not in a row.

Sowed my beet seeds today.  In a row. BUT also added the taget marigold seed along with the beet seeds.  Hybrid marigolds do not really do much, as far as pest control.  You need Calendula Marigolds.
Hybrid marigolds just have a pretty face.   Marigolds have a scent that most insects, including nematodes don't like.  

All an easy way to keep pests away with out resorting to POISON.  Eat Healthy.

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