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Last summer I went to a yard sale and this cat just loved me.  Wouldn't leave me alone. 
The owner of the cat (and sale) said he was a rescue from the humane society ( was about to be put down for being there too long) and he wasn't for sale, but did I want him?????

Well, he'd had all his shots and was fixed up so as not to be a pest and a daddy.  So I said ok.
I opened my van door to put in my purchases and just like he'd done it a million times he jumped into the van and was ready to go.  I guess we were mates in a previous life and I didn't remember but he did.

His name is Whiteout and now lives with the bedding plants and seems to keep all the unwanted critters away, as I haven't had any problems this year.  ( Last year mice ate my little starters, esp. the veggies) 
As you can see, he is glad to be in his "home' , must have just been waiting for me to show up and get him. 

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