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Felt heart topiary with the blue bird of happiness.

A fun afternoon project.  I cut the hearts out of printer paper the way we did in elementary school - just fold the paper in half and cut - unfold and both sides are the same, adjust the shape by refolding then
cutting a little more.

Lay the cut out heart on felt and cut two.  Sew all the embellishments on one side of the heart, sew hearts together leaving a little opening to shove in the fiber fill.  Stitch shut.

Carefully snip a couple of stitches open at to bottom point and top middle to run a small wood dowel through.  Add a couple of felt balls (for interest) to keep the hearts seperated.

Fun centerpiece for Valentines day.


  1. Such a cute idea, especially with the blue bird incorporated with the hearts. Love it.

    I'm new to your site, but I'm also in the thick of seed starting and greenhouse dwelling, with about 8,000 plants to pots up in the next few weeks. Look forward to visiting your site again soon!

    1. thanks julie. your growing blog is funny. good luck with 8000 planties. I don't start quite that many, but am more ambitious this year with double of last years starters.