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This is Angelica.   You can get the seeds and start them now, inside.
It is a biennual plant (zone 4)  that will reseed itself, but not overly invasive.   Few pests, if any.
Full sun to partial shade.

I love this tall (4 to 5') beauty.  Beautiful umbles from creamy white to dark burgandy. Doesn't need to be staked.
Dark green leaves and green to burgandy stems.
Should be planted toward the "back" of the flower bed.

If you don't start your own seeds.  The Garden Junkie  will have Angelica Bedding Plants
for sale this spring.

I love JANUARY ...  Time to read the catalogues and begin playing with seeds and dirt.
Even in Nebraska where the weather can be below zero and under snow.

Happy Garden Planning.

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