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The Melissa Garden  (click on photo to go to web site)  

Yep, a natural habitat for bees.    The Web site is a good read and a good idea.
You'll be seeing something like this (starting this summer) at The Garden Junkie, only  not 40 acres worth of habitat gardens.

Don't worry about visiting with the bees.  JUST DON'T START SWATTING AT THEM.

Bees are really harmless unless they believe they are being threatened or attacked.  When a 
bee is threatened (the swatting) they put off a pheromone that signals to other bees to come to
the rescue and to fend off the attacker.  

SO just let the bee alone, they'll go on to pollinate and gather and return to their hive.

I'm so looking forward to a great growing season, hope to see you "at the farm" this spring.

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