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My grandmother had these cups.  I started drinking coffee at grandmothers at the age of 9 ( with lots of cream and sugar).   Over the years I drank a lot of coffee at my grandmothers.
She, and my grandfather, always had coffee going.  When you arrived at their house you were always greeted with "are you hungry?" and/or "do you want a cup of coffee?"  

I never thought to take a picture of the cups with the coffee, nor the crochet doilies (just like this one in the photo).  Wish I had.  Cameras (with film) just weren't  used like they are now.  I do like digital, it makes everything so easy and makes everything so important to document. 

Christmas was always at my grandparents house.  I loved Christmas ..... 
I hope that my grandchildren will say they loved Christmas at their grandparents house. 

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