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I belong to an Art Club, Omaha Artists.    The Club has shows all the time, but this time it was themed - At The Movies - and the show was at the Hot Shops, downtown Omaha, for the month of November.

This great copper bra was entered by my friend, Lois,  for the movie Burlesque, and won third place.
Way to go Lois.  

This great piece was by Shirley.    I love this piece.   

This was my piece.  For the movie Around the World in 80 Days.   I didn't place, but I am glad I entered the show.

I joined Omaha Artists last spring.  Mostly to meet members of my own creative tribe and to give myself challenges and goals for creating art.   Hopefully, the plan is to get myself to stretch as an artists and to learn and be more creative.

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