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Mexican Sunflowers.  I've not tried this bloomer before but will again and again.  Easily started from seed (I started the seeds in March) -multiple  blooms all summer - no noticeable pests - butterflies love them.  The plants did get taller than
expected, about 5', so plan accordingly.  Mexican Sunflowers could easily be used as an annual hedge.

The last of the sweet 100 cherry tomatoes.    My cherry toms produced the best of all the tomatoes I planted this year.  I think the larger  tomatoes suffered because Nebraska had such a cold and wet spring.
Once some heat turned on in mid June the plants perked up but then the 100 degrees  all throughout July and August kinda stunted the production of blooms.  Now, because of the top 10 weather days  we've had in September and October the tomatoes are producing like mad - I hope frost staves off until all of the fruit ripens.

Sweet Basil.  Now is the time to harvest and hang to dry for winter use.  This photo shows the basil
bloom.  Pick off all the blooms and discard or use in potpourri.

Bundle a few stems of basil together, bind with a rubber-band, hang to dry out of the sun.  After fully dry, strip leaves from stems and store in a baggie or jar,  discard stems.
Even if you do not label the jar of basil you'll know what it is.  The wonderful smell....... better than any you could buy at the store.

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