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The Garden Junkie

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Always a little sad to see the last of the flowers and plants go for the season.
I've brought the "tender" perennials inside for the winter and taken snippets of 
the best perennials to plant for next year.    Cleaned-out and composted most of my potted plants.
The empty pots look so sad..   I might have to put some corn-stalks in them for awhile.

Next week will be to move all the yard "ornaments" into the potting shed and get my garden tools cleaned, sterilized and oiled.  I hope the weather stays nice.

 The last of the onions, but it was a good harvest this year.


Only the succulents remain green and hardy.  The Garden Junkie will have lots of succulents next spring.  New varieties and cute plantings for you to take home to your garden.

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