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Don't harvest all your radishes (if you already have, you can reseed now thru end of August)
Let the radish go to bloom... Plant  your cucumbers and zucchini in with your radishes.

Radishes are a deterrent for cucumber beetles, squash beetles and spider mites.
This veggie garden has suffered from squash beetles to the ruin of all my zucchini, yellow squash and pumpkins.   This will the fourth summer for interplanting my squash plants within the radishes.  ??
The interplanting hasn't gotten rid of the squash beetles, but it has seemed to reduce the numbers.
I've still lost zucchini plants but I have been able to hand pick most of the squash beetles and control
with soap spray.  (of course it's an every day process) .  I've never had cucumber beetles, so all my
varieties thrive.  (Maybe the radishes have prevented an infestation).
Also, immediate removal and burning  of all affected squash plants, leaves, veggie etc. will help keep the
pests under somewhat control.  Do not compost affected refuse.

I have always let my radishes go to seed and come-up  where they want to, in the veggie garden.
They will come up in the spring , no new seeding necessary.  Of course, most of my veggie garden
comes up willy - nilly, as I have help planting from young grandsons.  Other than the corn, nothing
in the garden is planted in rows.  I believe beans next to the tomatoes is a good thing and, of course,
basil is planted everywhere.
BEWARE though, onions next to the beans will retard the beans production.

Enjoy your garden, keep it as free from poisons as possible and Eat Healthy.

SEE YOU SECOND SATURDAY  July 9th 9 - 2 ......

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